Step into a Flavourful Adventure at Chef X: Where Passionate Home Chefs Shine

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Step into a Flavourful Adventure at Chef X: Where Passionate Home Chefs Shine

17 May 2024
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Step into a world of gastronomic delight as Far East Organization presents Chef X! This latest culinary concept is an exciting spin-off from the successful Baker X programme, which started in December 2021 to help home-based bakers take their skills to the next level and open their own outlets. 

Launched on 26 April 2024, Chef X opens doors to a slew of talented home chefs to showcase their unique epicurean creations for four or eight weeks – all crafted in a state-of-the-art professional kitchen at Clarke Quay Central mall.  

Each chef will also receive bespoke mentorship from Chef Isaac Tan, an award-winning head chef from Commonwealth Concepts who manages over 10 brands and cuisines, ranging from contemporary comfort food and light bites to artisan bakery, upscale steak houses and Japanese fusion.  

Chef X promises to tantalise every taste bud with home cooks from diverse cultures and disciplines. This initiative gives aspiring chef-entrepreneurs the chance to test out the restaurant business, and cater to diners eager to try exceptional home-cooked cuisines. 

Experience the culinary magic as these extraordinary home chefs bring their sizzling creations to the public. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out!

Address: Chef X, #03-103/104 Clarke Quay Central (above Clarke Quay MRT Station)

The first four home chefs in the roster are:


Royaleys Smoky Boat by Sydnee Loue


When: 26 April to 21 June 2024, 11.30am to 9pm, Thursdays to Tuesdays, closed on Wednesdays
Highlight: Smoky Boat Rice

Welcome onboard to Royaleys Smoky Boat, a culinary concept by Sydnee Loue. True to its name, Sydnee’s colourful creations are presented in delightful boat-like banana leaf parcels, grilled to perfection with a smoky finish. From savoury chicken and fish to succulent prawns and soybeans, each dish is naturally seasoned with tempered spice pastes and accompanied by fresh vegetables and delectable side dishes.

A multi-talented individual with a keen taste for design, food styling and home cooking, Sydnee infuses traditional home-cooked comfort foods with a modern twist. Drawing inspiration from her Indonesian roots, she crafts dishes that evoke memories of her childhood.

Reflecting on her aspirations for Royaleys Smoky Boat, Sydnee shares her excitement, “I hope by the end of the residency, we'll see significant growth in our customer base and brand awareness for Royaleys Smoky Boat."

Wanting Kimchi by Zeng Wanting

wanting kimchi

When:  1 July to 26 August 2024
Highlight:  Signature Cabbage Kimchi and Addictive Apple Kimchi

When: 1 July to 26 August 2024
Highlight: Signature Cabbage Kimchi and Addictive Apple Kimchi

Playing on the pun in her name, Wanting Kimchi has been capturing hearts since 2019 with her delectable array of wild-fermented handcrafted kimchi. Focusing on authentic flavours while keeping it healthy, Wanting’s kimchi is low in salt, sugar, and MSG. Now, she’s bringing her tantalising creations to Chef X, where her hot food creations will take centre stage, including braised kimchi jjim, a slow-aged braised cabbage with tender pork.

From the corporate world to home chef, Wanting’s journey to Chef X is a testament to her passion for food and dedication to her craft.  “Chef X is a thoughtful initiative which I feel will definitely help chefs like me who have not undergone formal culinary training,” she shared.  “Running a hot food restaurant feels scary and complex, but it will be a lot of fun, a lot to learn and could very well do a 180 degrees for the brand’s future. I am also confident Chef Isaac Tan will provide invaluable insights into running the hot food kitchen with greater efficiency, helping me avoid pitfalls I might encounter if I were working independently.”

Popo’s Kitchen by Jasmine Foo

rosemary bento

When: 5 September to 30 October 2024
Highlight:  Soon Kueh, Mala Soon Kueh, and Mee Siam and Roast Chicken Platters

When: 5 September to 30 October 2024
Highlight: Soon Kueh, Mala Soon Kueh, and Mee Siam and Roast Chicken Platters

Step into Popo’s Kitchen, where tradition meets innovation, and every dish tells a story. Founded by Jasmine Foo, Popo’s Kitchen is a culinary ode to the flavours of her childhood, inspired by her mother’s timeless recipes. From classic soon kueh to comforting yam cake, Jasmine’s handcrafted Chinese delights are a nostalgic journey back to home-cooked goodness.  

After three years of delighting taste buds from her home kitchen, Jasmine is ready to explore sharing her culinary treasures with a wider audience at Chef X. Here, diners can indulge in Popo’s signature soon kueh, now with exciting new filling like tom yum chicken and kimchi. But the surprises don’t stop here – get ready to savour succulent roast chicken in tantalising flavours such as rosemary and tom yum. 

For Jasmine, Chef X is more than a venture. She shares, “I look forward to more physical interaction with the customers, so that I can obtain feedback of the food products and also understand the customer’s profile and segmentation."

ooomahmee by Benjamin Lai

benjamin lai

When: 16 December 2024 to 10 February 2025
Highlight: Bara Chirashi, Tori Yuzu Don and ooomahmee Bomb made up of negitoro, uni, and caviar over shari, and Snow Crab Chawanmushi

When: 16 December 2024 to 10 February 2025
Highlight: Bara Chirashi, Tori Yuzu Don and ooomahmee Bomb made up of negitoro, uni, and caviar over shari, and Snow Crab Chawanmushi

Amidst the chaos of career burnout, Benjamin Lai found solace in his two passions: food and design. That’s how ooomahmee came to life – a range of chilled Japanese-style dishes with a contemporary flair. From the refreshing bara chirashi to the satisfying chilled noodles topped with a medley of raw seafood, Benjamin’s creations quickly became a hit.

Now at Chef X, apart from the popular chilled renditions, Benjamin is gearing up for a whole new culinary adventure. Beyond his signature chilled dishes, Benjamin is ready to unveil a new repertoire of hot dishes, a feat he found challenging with takeaways and deliveries. The excitement does not stop there. Chef X diners are in for a treat with ooomahmee’s exclusive private dining omakase menu, available by advanced booking only. As an avid potter, Benjamin will also be showcasing his craft by serving his dishes on handcrafted pottery crockery, available for purchase on-site. 

Reflecting on the journey ahead, Benjamin quips, “I have always dreamt of opening a brick-and-mortar outlet to share food that I love with others, but I am often daunted by the unknown. Chef X will be a great learning ground for me. It will provide me invaluable support such as mentorship, marketing assistance, and a well-equipped space. It also helps me put in place a plan to fulfil my aspiration.”

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