About Agape Laundry

Agape Laundry, established by Agape Business Group under Far East Organization, is a commercial dry-cleaning and laundry service provider in Singapore. Operating from a purpose-built laundry facility at Gambas Crescent, Agape Laundry is equipped with advanced machinery and smart laundry management systems to deliver quality laundry at scale.

Guided by our core values, Agape Laundry also saw an opportunity to do good and to inspire better lives by offering gainful employment to some of the more vulnerable segments of our community, such as older workers and persons with physical or learning disabilities.

Agape Business Group was established in 2015 to tap on synergies and leverage economies of scale with Far East Organization’s substantial base of real estate operations. Its objective is to drive consistency in quality, service and fulfilment for our customers. Apart from Agape Laundry, the Agape Business Group’s portfolio also includes Store-Y, a self-storage facility, and Agape Services, a social enterprise offering services such as cleaning, moving and disposal as well as minor renovation works.