Tall Girl

Inges Idee

Tall Girl is an extremely stretched and distorted perspective figure with an impressive height of 20 metres. The sculpture has unusual and exaggerated proportions, which transforms it into an elegant but at the same time monumental figurine, larger than life. The specially treated details including the head, shoes, and bags give the otherwise simplified and toy-like figure its character and identity.

Tall Girl refers to the unique spatial and architectonic features of Orchard Central: it almost matches the total height of the building, offering different views from various positions. It plays with perspective and distortion, while adding visual enhancement to Orchard Central - a large space with many floors of unique shopping experiences.

Location:Orchard Central, Level 1 Discovery Walk
Material:Polyurethane and glass fibre reinforced gypsum on steel frame
Size:20m x 1m
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