Ashley Yeo

Presenting selected wild flowers of Singapore, Blooming is an installation created from by porcelain floral motifs. Inspired by the humble beginnings of the rubber estate, Blooming pays attention to the small and intimate details of local wild flowers and generates an elegant display of ceramic botanicals in the space. The installation finds harmony and balance amidst the modern spaces within past nature through a detailed exploration with the ceramic flora and space. Suspended in mid-air, they evoke nature’s ubiquitous presence and organic structure. In the pursuit for elegance, Blooming uses various small wild flowers of Singapore and transform them into magnified, handcrafted ceramic pieces to create a peaceful atmosphere that can recall the lushness of the tropics in an urban space.
Location:Woods Square, SOLO 1 Lobby
Material:Ceramic - Porcelain and glaze
Size:Variety of flowers ranges from 20 – 50cm per piece
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